Our Staff Training

We are especially proud of our approach to staff training and see it as one of the cornerstones of our success.

We develop bespoke training plans for our candidates to match the individual needs of our clients, and we are unique in healthcare sector in providing basic mental health care training to all of our support workers.

Through our successful partnership with other training providers, we are constantly looking for ways to develop our candidates and to address any skill gaps. We have a simple aim: to build a team of people whose skills are unrivalled in our industry.

The Kcare Training Academy

Our training academy runs regularly course aligned to the Skills for Health UK Core Skills Training Framework and here are some of the training courses we offer:

Mandatory Training – 2 days training session (26 CPD Points) – Cost £100.00

To enable all agency workers to keep up-to-date with current best practice, we offer the following courses on a regular basis:

  • Infection Control – Legislation, Types of Healthcare Acquired Infections, Chain of Infection, COSHH, RIDDOR, Common Infections including MRSA and C Diff, Universal Precautions
  • Manual Handling – Legislation, Anatomy and Physiology of Spine, Principles of Biomechanics, Considerations, Controversial Techniques, Safe Techniques – including Practical Session and Assessment
  • Health and Safety – Regulations, Employees and Employers Duties, Hazards and Risks, Safety Management System, Handling Chemicals Safely and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, Riddor
  • Fire Safety – Statistics, Fire Triangle, Types of Fire, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Plan, Local Practice and Policies, Consideration Before Tackling fire, Action on Discovering Fire
  • Food Hygiene – The Law, Personal Hygiene, Food Poisoning, Bacteriology, Prevention of Contamination, Premises and Pest Control, Disinfection, Hand Hygiene, Principles of Cooking and Storage of Food
  • Basic Life Support – Adult and Paediatric (In line with UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines) Choking – Immediate Interventions, Recovery Position, Cardio – Pulmonary Resuscitation (Chain of Survival, Sequence of CPR, Algorithm, Correct Techniques) – including practical session and assessment
  • Protection of Vulnerable Adults Level – Legislation, Key Safeguarding Principles, Types of Signs Abuse, Determining risks, Contributory factors, Reporting, Responsibilities, Best Practice and Taking Action, including capacity, consent and confidentiality, forced marriage, honour based violence, radicalisation, dignity and respect
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Children (Level 1 and 2) – Legislation, Types and Signs of Abuse, Determining Risk, Reporting Responsibilities, Best Practice and Taking Action, including capacity, consent and confidentiality, forced marriages, honour based violence, radicalisation, dignity and respect
  • Conflict Management and Complaints Handling – Why People Complain, Types of Complainers, How People Complain, How to Handle Complain, Strategies of Manage Complaints. Local Policies and Practice Risk Assessment, Communication Skills, Recognising Aggressive Body Language, Signalling Non – aggression, Defusing Aggression, Breakaway Techniques
  • Lone Workers – Awareness of Personal Safety Issues, Strategies of Minimising Risks for Lone Worker Suzanne Lamplugh Trusts Model for Lone Worker, Diluting the Risk of Lone Worker
  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion – Legislations, Attitudes, Values and Beliefs, Protected Characteristics, Types of Abuses, Equality Duty, Human Rights, Bullying and Harassment, Whistleblowing
  • Information Governance – Statutory Legislation, Disclosure to Protect the Public, Patient Consent and Confidentiality, Caldicott Principles, Data Protection, Information Security
  • First Aid Awareness
  • Mental Capacity Act 2005
  • Handling Medication and Avoiding Drug Errors – Level 2
  • Epilepsy

Prevention Management Violence and Aggression – 2 days course – Cost £210.00

This course is for designed for Registered Mental Nurses' and support workers knowledge on current registration and national guidelines, enhanced skills in dealing with violence and aggression in a psychiatry hospitals environment where there are risks of experiencing violent and aggressive behaviour from patients:

  • Prevention of violence and aggression physical intervention
  • Breakaway
  • Self defence
  • Conflict management
  • Non-harmful methods of interventions – restrictive holds – adults only

Training Workshops

We hold regular workshops and provide the following courses:

  • Catheterisation
  • Venepuncture for Qualified Nurses
  • IV Therapy
  • Venepuncture for Healthcare Assistant

Online Training Courses – Cost £25.00

We are currently able to offer on-line training through Healthier Business Group and Osmosis for those who like to refresh your knowledge without attending classroom sessions.

To book any of the courses, please contact our Kcare Health training academy team on 0118 956 9922 or email info@kcarehealth.com