Clinical Governance

Kcare Health is registered with Care Quality Commission and a preferred supplier to the Crown Commercial Service and London Partnership Programme frameworks.

We take compliance seriously to ensure we maintain the highest standards of quality of our service. Our Quality Assurance team conducts rigorous internal audits to all branches on quarterly basis. The audits outcomes are submitted to each branch or individual to correct the gaps in knowledge and compliance.

Our strict commitment to compliance ensures that each healthcare professional we place within NHS Trust or private service user meets the legislative requirement. Our relentless pursuit of excellence has resulted in Kcare Health achieving the audits results.


Put it simply, revalidation is a process that all doctors, nurses and midwives will need to engage with to demonstrate that they practise safely and effectively throughout their career. It is easy, straightforward and will help doctors, nurses and midwives develop as professionals.

Our Support

As an agency, we have resources and offer professional guidance that will help you to go through your appraisal and revalidation. With us, you can be reassured we have your professional development and interest at heart.

Our Revalidation Process

GMC expects locum doctors to be revalidated, usually every five years, based on a recommendation that they receive from our Responsible Officer from our agency who will be supporting you with your appraisal and revalidation.

Our approach is tailor made to your needs and we are proud to work in partnership with Healthcare Licensing Support Ltd in supporting you. Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us, we are only a phone call away.

Occupational Health Screening

As part of our pre-employment screening for those aiming to work in the NHS Trusts, Kcare Health is in partnership with The Doctors Laboratory.

Working with highly qualified Occupational Health Practitioners you can be assured you will get a quality service to meet your needs.

  • Certificate of fitness for employment
  • Ongoing health advice and support

Our Occupational Health Practitioners will ensure you have peace of mind by ensuring all your appointments are scheduled and will manage your follow-up dates. The following tests and immunisations are available at the Occupational Health clinic and require an additional fee.

  • Single Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Hepatitis B booster
  • Hepatitis B course
  • Varicella course
  • Single MMR vaccine
  • MMR course

To book for your health screen test, simply call our Occupational Health Practitioners on 01189 569922 or email